Popular Interior Styles

The style of the interior is the first thing you need to decide by the beginning of the repair. But will the chosen style be a helper and a source of joy for you, or after a short time will be annoying and it will be that it is terribly impractical / uncomfortable / compulsive.

Another difficulty of modern choice is the abundance of beautiful pictures, excessive choice and imposition of modern fashion. Is it difficult for you to formulate what you want? Then this article is for you.

Or, conversely, you want to enjoy your own fantasies by combining 2 or more styles to express yourself and create your own personal space. But you don’t want to make a mistake either.

Modern style

Modern interior style is the undisputed leader of styles today. Very wide and capacious style. Open, free space, not even a hint of littering. The design of the house in a modern style has clear colors, clear lines, quite simple combinations of colors. In such interior metal and glass surfaces are used.

Modern design implies a sense of simplicity and purity in each element of the interior, including furniture. The surfaces are smooth, monotonous, with no excess decoration and accessories. The motto is nothing superfluous.


Minimalism is also at the top of the list. It is based on the modern style and simplifies it even more. Ultra-clean interior lines. The colour palette is neutral and airy. Or white with bright color spots.

The situation is very simple and streamlined. Decors can be literally one or two, they are carefully thought out. And God forbid you to use grandmother’s blankets, floral carpets, and other flowery, motley elements. The motto is nothing unnecessary at all.

The point of the interior is that you will just automatically maintain order. Because you will immediately think of a place for all things, and there will be simply no place for them to lie. Suitable for clear business people and serves their interests.

Industrial style (industrial, loft)

The industrial style of the interior, or loft, draws its inspiration from the warehouse or city attic. We are fond of young families, office workers and just active people.

The interior of the loft must have a sense of incompleteness in the individual elements. Brick walls, pipes, uncovered ventilation systems. High ceilings, hanging metal lamps. The main feature of the loft is a successful combination of all these “old” and untreated elements with something ultramodern.

For example, intricate built-in equipment, metal, mirrors. An interesting interior accent can be one or two abstract art or photography paintings to add colour accent. Or it will be the interior of a neutral color scale obtained by combining wood, brick and metals.

Scandinavian style of interior

Scandinavian style is a demonstration of simplicity of life, inherent in the Nordic countries. It is loved for its lightness, naturalness and simplicity. People in the cold Scandinavian countries do not chase for luxury, but prefer a cozy and warm interior.

Simple lines, light tones. In Scandinavian interior all white shades are used in combination with natural elements. Simple natural lighting.

A pair of bright accents in a bright atmosphere will bring the whole interior to life and make it play. When you see this kind of interior, you immediately understand why this style is gaining popularity.

Traditional interior style

Strange as it may seem, this style holds its positions and is absolutely not going to give them up. Noble atmosphere, consisting of classic details, good textiles, plenty of accessories.

Details of traditional style – wood, curved lines, rich in colors and textures interior. Complex details and rich fabrics such as velvet, brocade, silk. Layered and deep. Everything is harmonious and very soulful. Such an environment is perfect for quiet people with traditional views.

Transition style interior

Very popular style, because it combines the best of traditional and modern styles. We ease the space, balance it, make it attractive and… a bit unexpected.

We combine stylish and glossy elements with soft and cozy details. This is a neutral color scheme, creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere. We combine modern materials, such as steel and glass, and combine with upholstered teddy furniture.

Transition style is perfect for large families with different tastes and interests. Each member of the family will be able to add the right accent in his room, creating a harmonious overall picture.


The French village, or Provençon, is incredibly popular. Even young people find romantic and individual variations of this cozy style.

Warm, earthy colours form the basis of the Provençal interior. Soft and warm tones of red, yellow or gold and natural materials such as stone and brick.

This style may include collections of decorative porcelain dishes and heavy fabrics. Pots of flowers, homemade toys and a variety of napkins are welcome.


Bohemian interior style is popular among home design and fashion lovers. It reflects a carefree lifestyle without special rules. The basic rule is to follow the wishes of your heart.

By choosing a vintage style, you completely untie your hands. Vintage furniture and lamps, textiles and carpets, demonstrations of collections. The most unexpected items found in the most unexpected places, including flea markets during their travels.

Bohemian-style floor cushions and comfortable seats are welcome. This eclectic style may include an ultra-glamorous chandelier combined with a well-worn carpet and medieval chair. In bohemian style, a thing lives as long as you love it. In general, the style for a good crazy people.


Rural design, or country style, is borrowed from Mother Nature. Rural hinterland, where for centuries everything evolved as it did. Here it is good to use raw elements, such as wood and stone. Wooden beams, primitive and rough details, natural fabrics. Village interior items, but more.

Country style is practical and calm, everything is easy to wash, rearrange and refresh without any special expenses. An excellent variant for a country house, for rest from modern rhythm of life.

Wrinkled chic.

The worn-out chic is a name that speaks for itself. It’s a vintage style, but compared to bohemia and other styles, it’s more feminine, softer and more gentle.

The worn-out chic is the interiors in white, cream and pastel tones. Finishing in antique style. Light fixtures and tapestries. Decorative items can be purchased in the flea market or dig in the pantry or attic.

Hollywood glamour

Modern designers are increasingly turning to this style. First of all, it is luxurious. It’s lush and rich, dramatic style. Photos of Hollywood stars in the interior are welcome.

This style may include plush, velvet. Antiques. Purple, red and turquoise color palettes. Ideally it is the style of a person who likes to make a statement.

Coastal style

The coastal style is a house by the sea. Of course it is. Quite modest, “family” good style.

Light color palette with neutral sea shades – blue and green. The furniture is mostly white or beige. Large panoramic windows, plenty of light, wood elements, sea-themed accessories.

Blue and white striped texture for pillows, white teddy sofas, painted white wood. Classic lighting fixtures.