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Welcome to San Mateo CA! We are a group of passionate individuals who love discussing topics surrounding interior designs. And to start the ball rolling, we will start it off by providing you with some tips on how you can beautify your home office.

Home office interior design tips

If the bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, the office serves a very different purpose. Concentration is important here, so the design of the office should be adjusted to the working order. And when choosing furniture, we, first of all, should think about ergonomics to be able to work for a long time and productively without getting tired.

Natural Lighting

Eyes get tired most of all at work (especially at the computer), so the importance of a good level of light in the office should not be underestimated. Good lighting means using natural daylight in the first place, so as not to strain your eyesight anymore.

It is believed that it is best to position the table so that the window is to the left or front of the workplace. It’s not right to position the table in such a way that the window is behind you – then you won’t avoid glare on the monitor and you’ll have to keep the curtains closed all the time, so the lighting will always be muted or artificial.

Of course, there should also be a desk lamp in the office, as well as an overhead light, preferably scattered.

Spacious desk

When we talk about a “desk in the office”, in most cases we mean a computer desk. You can find a variety of different models of such tables, as long as it is not too narrow. Ergonomics suggests that a tabletop of at least 140×70 cm is optimal.

If there is little space in your home office, if you allocate an office area in another room, and if you work on a laptop without an additional monitor and keyboard, you can do with a small table, about 90×50 cm. It should be remembered that to the left and right of the notebook should still be room for a notebook, phone, coffee cup.

Comfortable working chair

When designing the interior of a modern office it is necessary to take into account that in recent years for work at the computer there have been specially developed armchairs on wheels with a swiveling-up design.

Colors and textures of such chairs can be very different, so choose stylish furniture should not make a special effort. The main attention should be paid to convenience: how accessible is the lifting mechanism, whether you get your feet to the floor or, conversely, is not too low for you seat, whether you need armrests, etc.

A variety of storage systems

When designing the interior of the office it is necessary to provide storage space for books, documents, equipment and other things that may be needed at work.

Open shelves are suitable for books and magazines, they look great for decorations. Shelves can also be used to store the library and showcase interesting items. A wall cupboard is a good place to put a maximum of items and cover them with either deaf or transparent doors.

Small offices should have drawers under the table. Well, a combination of several or all storage systems will allow you to always keep this room in order and feel assembled and ready to work.

Recreation area and accents

Despite the fact that you will work hard in this room, the interior of the office should not be dull. How to avoid this? For example, focus on a single wall: it can be bright wallpaper, wooden panels, pictures and photos in frames, curtains with interesting patterns.

If space allows, add something to help you and your visitors think and relax: an aquarium, a collection of vinyl records, a bonsai, a globe or other things that are interesting to consider.