Cleaning an Air Conditioner

Air conditioning unit come in many different types as well as dimensions yet all have similar parts and also need to be frequently cleaned to acquire optimal effectiveness and extend the life of the device. Because systems vary in dimension as well as style on site sound judgment as well as some mechanical capability are required.

One of the most integral part of keeping any kind of a/c unit is cleaning up the coils. All a/c will have two coils, one called the condenser coil as well as the other called the evaporator coil. In home window type air conditioners the coils are very close with the evaporator coil being the one inside the conditioned area behind the filter.

The condenser coil is the one that is outdoors and denies the heat. The evaporator coil is usually rather available with out eliminating much of the a/c outer cabinet. The condenser coil nevertheless is more difficult to access the side that a lot of the dust will develop on. You need to try to eliminate the a/c units’ outer covering by getting rid of any kind of screws that are holding it. Once you have removed the outer cabinet you ought to have the ability to see the back side of the condenser coil that might be so dirty it may not even appear like a coil surface.

In many residences central air type air conditioners you condenser coil is located in the part of your air conditioning system that rests outside. You may need to remove some louvered panels to get at the coil fins. The evaporator coil is located in an air handler of some kind in side the residence. This may remain in the duct work over your heating system or in an air handler in an attic. The evaporator coil can some times be a challenge to access. Constantly switch off power to the system and ware shatterproof glass along with handwear covers.

Now that you have accessibility to both coils it’s time to cleanse them. Beginning by brushing off as much of the heavy dust with a little portable stiff bristle brush to ensure that the coil cleaner can be infused right into the coil. Now damp the coils with a sprayer or yard pipe being careful not to use way too much water stress as to bend over or damage the fins. If you discover that some fins are damaged you can fix them with a coil fin comb. Now purify on a styles quantity of coil cleaner infusing it into the coils so that it can begin to loosen the dust. Find out how to find a great air conditioning contractor by going to this site.

Coil cleaner in a spray can is great for infusing the cleaner deep right into the coil. Sometimes a liquid concentrate or powder cleaner that can be mixed in a sprayer works well also due to the fact that the wand of the sprayer fits into limited areas. These coil cleansers, brushes, coil finishing treatment and also condensate pan treatment can be acquired online at HVAC Upkeep & Materials. After allowing the cleaner saturate for 5-7 mins it best to after that rinse or purge the coil with water. If you use a no rinse kind cleaner as well as strategy to run the a/c after you do not require to rinse the evaporator coil. I always recommend purging the condenser coil the aid get rid of dust. Repeat this process until you see clean water coming out of the coil while flushing.

After you coils are tidy you can use a coil finish treatment that will certainly maintain dust from embeding the future consequently decreasing the frequency of coil cleansing. First Strike is a fantastic product that transforms you coils right into self cleansing coils. Be sure to after that remove the condensate drain that might be a drain hose pipe originating from the evaporator or a weep hole in the window kind a/c system pan. I also advise putting some kind of condensate pan treatment tablets or pads in the evaporator pan to avoid future drain obstruction. Now reconstruct your air conditioner and also your all set.