Cross-Country Skiing in Norway – Gynt Loipe

The Peer Gynt Loipe is a long-distance ski-trail in Norway that runs high along the west flank of Gudbrandsdalen, a vast valley that begins near Oslo and afterwards runs north to Lillehammer and also beyond.

The route itself prolongs from the little negotiation at Dalseter to the ski-resort at Skeikampen. It goes through a location known as the Peer Gynt Ski Area. Up here the cross-country skiing is great, with over 600km of track. As well as there are good resorts, which are usually happy to accept bookings for simply 1 or 2 nights – at least, outside the high period weeks in February and at Easter.

The Peer Gynt Loipe links together some of these resorts. Its total length is about 60km. The entire distance is tracked by grooming devices, so you can utilize light skis without steel edges.

This mix of properly maintained tracks, excellent lodging, high elevation and also snow safety makes the Peer Gynt a good option for fit and qualified skiers.


You begin with one of the hotels at Dalseter, at 880m altitude and right ahead of the Espedalen valley.

You can get there by public bus from Lillehammer (which is gotten to by train from Oslo Gardermoen airport terminal). Alternatively you can remain on the train past Lillehammer, to Vinstra, and take a pre-arranged resort vehicle to Dalseter, a 35km drive.

The excursion can be broken down right into the adhering to phases.

The first is an 18km stretch from Dalseter to Fefor. The path climbs up progressively to 1030m, makes a long descent and then winds conveniently over to Fefor. At Fefor there is a hotel.

The following stage mosts likely to Gala-Wadahl. The range is 10-15km, depending upon which of these adjoining towns you go for. Each has a resort. At first the route swells via forest, yet after that falls to the lake Galavatn. After following the lake shore for a number of kilometres it climbs up continuously approximately Gala. The extension to Wadahl is flatter.

The following stage, to Lauvasen, is less than 10km and the track is flat and very easy. At Lauvasen there is a hill hotel with spaces in the lodge or in nearby cabins.

The last, from Lauvasen to Skeikampen is a long one, concerning 25km. The route mainly keeps to a height of regarding 1000 metres – over the timberline. Finally it comes outstanding down to the busy hotel of Skeikampen where there is a resort. From there you can take a bus to Lillehammer.

Naturally it’s feasible to combine some of the stages. A fairly strong skier can consider doing it in three days, with drop in Dalseter, Fefor and also Lauvasen. I as soon as did it in two days, overnighting at Lauvasen.


Some travel firms provide a sustained tour along the Peer Gynt Loipe. They make a relaxing week of it, with a few added side-loops and with baggage transfers between the overnight stops to ensure that you can ski with just a light pack.

It’s simple to make your own setups, particularly if you are prepared to travel light and carry all your set in a rucksack. (You can leave your major bags at left-luggage at Gardermoen airport or at Oslo rail terminal.).

It is likewise possible, although instead pricey, to have your luggage transferred between the hotels. You need to establish this up with the specific resorts at the time of reservation.

You can leave your main bags at Dalseter and also return there after the excursion, taking buses by means of Lillehammer.

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